AlDente Pro 1.10 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause charging above the set limit when heat protection mode was enabled
  • Improved the set-up experience
  • Added Spanish, Italian, French and Russian language support. Thank you very much to all community members who contributed to make this happen! 🙂
  • AlDente now shows the UI immediately upon start
  • Fixed a bug that caused strange behavior when using AlDente on multiple user accounts. When logged off, AlDente now behaves the same as if it would be closed
  • Completely revamped the sleep system. This fixes a lot of bugs related to Discharge, Calibration Mode and Clamshell Mode. There is now also a toggle that lets you disable sleep completely as long as the charge limit is not yet reached. This means you can set the limit, close your laptop and it will only start to go to sleep when the desired limit is reached. You can read more about this feature here:

Enjoy your Noodles,
David & Matthias