Feature Explanation: Live Status Icons

General explanation Icon State Energy Source Battery Charging Battery Discharging Plugged in and Charging Power Supply Yes No Plugged in and Charging Paused Power Supply No No Plugged in and Discharging Battery No Yes Unplugged and Discharging Battery No Yes

AlDente Pro 1.14 Release Notes

Fixed a bug that prevented macOS to enter sleep mode in certain scenarios. Thank you very much for all your help and patience! Many smaller fixes and improvements Enjoy your Noodles,David & Matthias

AlDente Pro 1.13 Release Notes

Completely revamped the underlying state management system for better stability and more flexibility Updated calibration mode to feature an additional full charge cycle at the beginning. Based on research results, this should yield better calibration outcomes Calibration mode can now be resumed if previously interrupted by unplugging the power cable If Sailing Mode is enabled, …

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How to generate and share a debug file

Open AlDente and go into Settings Click on General Settings Click on “Save Debug File” Choose the location you want to save the debug file and click on “Open”. In this example, it is the Download folder. Now you can share the Debug File in your email support request.