Feature Explanation: Heat Protection

General Explanation Several factors can lead to rapid battery wear, with elevated battery temperatures being a primary cause. Excessive use of the CPU or GPU can significantly raise the temperature of your entire MacBook, battery included. Additionally, rapid charging or discharging intensifies the heat generated by the battery. The most severe conditions arise when multiple

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Feature Explanation: Top Up

General explanation Usually, while your MacBook is used plugged in, the charge level should be limited to a healthy percentage such as 80%. However, sometimes 80% is not enough to get through a whole workday when on the road. Therefore, we introduced the Top Up feature. When Top Up is activated, it changes the charge

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Installation Guide

Download the latest AlDente version from here: Download Open the downloaded .dmg file A new window opens. Drag and drop the AlDente logo into the Applications folder. Go to your Applications folder in Finder and double click on AlDente. If the following warning appears, click on open. AlDente will now open automatically and you just

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Feature Explanation: Intel Mode

Important Since AlDente 1.27, AlDente for Intel MacBooks has changed significantly which made the Intel Mode obsolete. Therefore, the Intel Mode is not available anymore starting with AlDente 1.27. You can read more about how AlDente works on Intel MacBooks here. General explanation Intel Mode uses a different technical solution to control the charging behavior

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