Feature Explanation: Sailing Mode

Key Takeaways General explanation The Sailing Mode is an addition to the Charge Limiter. While the charging of the MacBook is paused, i.e. the charge level is exactly at the set charge limit, the power supply is primarily used as a power source. However, small discharges of the battery still occur when a lot of […]

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How to uninstall AlDente Pro

Looking for a way to remove AlDente Pro from your MacBook? Whether you’re cleaning up your hard drive or just no longer need the app, our step-by-step guide will walk you through how to remove AlDente Pro quickly and effectively. Before You Uninstall AlDente Pro Before proceeding with the uninstallation process, to be extra thorough,

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Feature Explanation: Discharge

General explanation With the help of the Discharge feature, you can discharge your MacBook to a healthier charge level while your MacBook is plugged in. To do this, simply set the charge limit lower than the current charge level and click Discharge. Afterward, AlDente will unplug your MacBook internally and it will discharge until the

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