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Feature Explanation: Automatic Discharge

Key Takeaways General Explanation Our new feature, “Automatic Discharge,” makes discharging your MacBook while it’s plugged in easier than ever. This new feature takes Discharge to the next level by automatically discharging your MacBook when the Charge Limit set in AlDente is lower than the current battery percentage. This eliminates the need for manual activation of Discharge …

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Adding AlDente Support to 16 new Intel MacBook Models (full list below)

Good news for everyone with an old Intel MacBook. Starting with AlDente 1.17 we expand support to 16 more MacBook models listed below. With this new update, all of the features of AlDente Pro are now supported including Charge Limiter, Discharge, Sailing Mode, Heat Protection, Calibration Mode, Hardware Battery Percentage, Fast User Switching Support, and …

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Feature Explanation: Hardware Battery Percentage

General explanation With AlDente Pro 1.16, we are introducing a new feature called “Hardware Battery Percentage”. The battery percentage shown by macOS is actually not the real battery percentage that the battery management system reports. The two battery percentages usually differ by 2-7%. When “Hardware Battery Percentage” is enabled, AlDente Pro will read out the …

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Feature Explanation: Live Status Icons

General explanation Icon State Energy Source Battery Charging Battery Discharging Plugged in and Charging Power Supply Yes No Plugged in and Charging Paused Power Supply No No Plugged in and Discharging Battery No Yes Unplugged and Discharging Battery No Yes