AlDente - Charge Limiter

The ALL-IN-ONE charge Limiter App for MacBooks.

AlDente gives you the tools you need to extend the life of your MacBook battery.

Why do I need this?

Li-ion batteries (like the one in your MacBook) last the longest when operated between 20% and 80%. Keeping your battery at 100% most of the time will significantly shorten the lifespan of your MacBook battery and Replacing an old battery is not only harmful to the environment but also costs around $ 200. With AlDente installed, you can set a charging limit in a more healthy charging range, and with more features like Heat Protection, Sailing Mode, and Calibration Mode you can keep your battery healthy even longer. If you want to learn more about keeping your battery healthy, check out this article at Battery University.

AlDente Pro

Free Features

Charge Limiter

AlDente allows you to limit your MacBook from charging above a certain percentage. This will not only decrease Battery wear but also increase longevity of your Battery.


This feature allows your MacBook to run completely on Battery even if it is plugged in. Therefore, you can actively discharge your MacBook to a healthier percentage.

Pro Features

Heat Protection

Heat Protection

Charging your battery while its temperature is high results in faster battery degradation. With Heat Protection enabled, charging will automatically stop when your battery temperature is too high.

Calibration Mode

Keeping your battery at a lower percentage, such as 20-70%, over weeks without doing full cycles can result in a disturbed battery calibration. To avoid this, you just have to do a full cycle at least once a month. With Calibration Mode activated, AlDente will perform a cycle (15%-100%) on its own.

Sailing Mode

Normally, your MacBooks battery will always charge and discharge slightly to stay at a desired SoC, even when the Charge Limiter is activated. With Sailing Mode, it is possible to set a "sailing" range in which the battery will stay. Example: Sailing Mode is set between 75% and 80%. After charging to 80% AlDente will automatically let the battery fall back to 75% over time. When 75% is reached, it will charge back to 80%

Hardware Battery percentage

Don't let macOS lie to you, use the real Hardware Battery Percentage which the battery management system reports.

Automatic Discharge

This new feature builds on top of the popular feature Discharge by automatically discharging the MacBook when the set Charge Limit in AlDente is lower than the current battery percentage.


You have planned a long working session with no access to a plug? No worries, with TOP UP activated, AlDente will charge your battery to 100% just one time.

Apple Shortcuts Support

Shortcuts allows you to add automations and configure AlDente the way you want. If you want to read more about the Apple Shortcuts app and what you can do with it, click on the icon above.

Control MagSafe LED

This new feature brings the ability to AlDente Pro to control the color of the MagSafe LED to better indicate the current charging state of your MacBook battery.

Stop Charging When Sleeping​

With "Stop charging when sleeping" activated, AlDente will pause charging right before your MacBook goes into sleep. Therefore, charging will not continue even when it is in sleep.


With Right-Click you can pause and start charging just with a right click on the menu bar icon of AlDente Pro. With the first click, you change the charge limit to the current battery percentage and with the second click, you are changing the charge limit to 100%.

Discharge in Clamshell Mode

Want to use Discharge while your MacBook is in clamshell mode? In AlDente Pro, we could add the capability of Discharge working even in clamshell mode.

Live Status Icons

Keep track of everything what's happening with your battery with our live update menu bar icons which differentiate four states: Connected and Charging, Connected and Charging Paused, Connected and Discharging, and Discharging.

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