Feature Explanation: Automatic Discharge

General explanation

With AlDente Pro 1.19, we are introducing a new feature called “Automatic Discharge”. This new feature builds on top of the popular feature Discharge by automatically discharging the MacBook when the set Charge Limit in AlDente is lower than the current battery percentage. Therefore, it is not necessary anymore to manually activate Discharge because AlDente will do it for you. Automatic Discharge is disabled automatically during the Calibration Mode. Furthermore, the Discharge button gets greyed out since AlDente is automatically discharging. If you want to stop discharging your MacBook, just increase the Charge Limit to exact or above the current battery percentage.


The current battery percentage of the MacBook is 92% and the MacBook is plugged in. Automatic Discharge is activated in Settings/Charge Settings in AlDente. The Charge Limit in AlDente gets set to a lower level, such as 80% for example. Afterward, Automatic Discharge will automatically discharge the MacBook to 80%. When the Charge Limit of 80% is reached, AlDente will switch to charging paused and stay at 80%.