Feature Explanations

Feature Explanation: Power Flow

We are excited to introduce “Power Flow”, a brand-new feature in our MacBook charge limiter app AlDente Pro. Power Flow goes beyond the basics, providing a visual representation of your MacBook’s power usage in real time. Let’s dive into this innovative new feature and see how it enhances your understanding of your MacBook. What is […]

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Feature Explanation: Schedule

Beta Feature! This feature is still in development and bugs might be possible! Key Takeaways General explanation AlDente Pro 1.21 introduces the beta version of our new Schedule feature. This feature allows users to set specific Actions in AlDente to run automatically on predetermined days, times, and intervals. For example, Calibration Mode can be set

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Feature Explanation: Shortcuts

Key Takeaways General explanation With AlDente Pro 1.19 we are officially launching support for the Apple Shortcuts app. Shortcuts allow you to add automation and configure AlDente the way you want. If you want to read more about the Apple Shortcuts app and what you can do with it, take a look here. The following

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Feature Explanation: Automatic Discharge

Key Takeaways General Explanation Our new feature, “Automatic Discharge,” makes discharging your MacBook while it’s plugged in easier than ever. This new feature takes Discharge to the next level by automatically discharging your MacBook when the Charge Limit set in AlDente is lower than the current battery percentage. This eliminates the need for manual activation of Discharge

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Feature Explanation: Heat Protection

General Explanation Several factors can lead to rapid battery wear, with elevated battery temperatures being a primary cause. Excessive use of the CPU or GPU can significantly raise the temperature of your entire MacBook, battery included. Additionally, rapid charging or discharging intensifies the heat generated by the battery. The most severe conditions arise when multiple

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