Feature Explanation: Discharge

General explanation

With the help of the Discharge feature, you can discharge your MacBook to a healthier charge level while you have the MacBook plugged in. To do this, simply set the charge limit to the desired charge level and press Discharge. Then internally unplug the MacBook using AlDente and run the MacBook on battery power only until the desired charge level is reached. Once the selected charge level has been reached, AlDente internally plugs back into the charger and the MacBook is then powered by the AC adapter again and the charge level is kept at the desired level. The Discharge feature is automatically disabled.

When should the Discharge feature be used?

Whenever the MacBook currently has a higher charge level than set by the self-selected charge limit.

Example 1:

The current charge level of the MacBook is 89 percent and the MacBook is plugged in and charging. AlDente is started and the charge limit is set to 50% with the slider. Once the charge limit is set to 50%, the charging of the MacBook is stopped and the MacBook remains at 89% charge level. After that the feature discharge is activated, AlDente switches the power supply from the power supply to the battery. As long as until the 50% is reached.