AlDente 1.21.3 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the application to crash on startup on systems where the “PrivilegedHelperTools” directory is not present.
  • If the helper is not installed yet, users can still access the settings through the popover.
  • Small UI enhancements.

AlDente 1.21.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where “Hardware Battery Percentage” would not work properly anymore.

AlDente 1.21.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Magsafe LED to blink for some users.

AlDente 1.21 Release Notes

  • The official launch of the Control MagSafe LED feature! Read more about it on our blog here.
  • The new beta feature “Schedule” allows you to schedule AlDente Pro features and run them automatically by configuring tasks yourself. Read more about it on our blog here.
  • New, more intuitive setup interface when launching AlDente for the first time.
  • The status bar and Magsafe LED now show pause and green when 100% are reached, despite the system still trickle charging to full.
  • Small UI redesign.
  • The “Show on startup” setting is now available in the free version.
  • The discharge button is now invisible when “Automatic Discharge” is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that made most of the pro features inaccessible for users that migrated from Intel to Apple Silicon.
  • Updated the Helper Application to improve stability.
  • Massively overhauled the helper management system.
  • The „Start Charging“ shortcut now behaves the same as the „Top Up“ button does. After the device has been unplugged, the original charge limit is set again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AlDente to prompt some users for their root password after rebooting the device.

AlDente 1.20 Release Notes

  • The official launch of the Automatic Discharge feature! Read more about it on our blog:´
  • The new beta feature “Control MagSafe LED” allows you to control the MagSafe charging LED for all MagSafe 2 and MagSafe 3 MacBooks which are supported by AlDente Pro. Read more about it on our blog:
  • Certain UI elements in settings can now be collapsed for better usability
  • Reduced the size of the menu bar item if only the percentage is shown
  • “Top Up” now overrides “Stop Charging when Sleeping”
  • New warning and information messages to improve the usability
  • Changed some icons that caused the app to crash on some devices with older versions of macOS
  • Added Portuguese language support
  • Updated many language translations
  • Many other improvements and bugfixes

AlDente 1.19.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where Pro users would get a wrong warning message when using Automatic Discharge in Clamshell Mode
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to the text field not updating correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug in Calibration Mode where AlDente Pro would charge to 100% after the calibration
  • Debug file improvements

AlDente 1.19.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where the screen would go to sleep when Automatic Discharge is enabled in Clamshell Mode
  • Fixed an issue where Clamshell Mode could not be activated while discharging
  • The charge percentage text field is now properly unfocussed when the slider is moved
  • Improved Chinese Simplified translation
  • New setup help message for macOS Ventura

AlDente 1.19 Release Notes

AlDente 1.18 Release Notes

  • Added official support of AlDente Pro to 16 more Intel-based MacBooks. Please take a look at the following blog post for a full list of all newly supported MacBook models:
  • New feature! Start of the beta phase for controlling AlDente Pro via the macOS Shortcuts app. Read more about this new feature here:
  • AlDente now locks the screen automatically if you close your MacBook while sleeping is disabled
  • Fixed a bug where the “Disable optimized Charging” message would show up on every launch of AlDente
  • Fixed a bug where sleep would completely disable without being necessary under certain conditions while discharging
  • Fixed a bug where Calibration Mode would not work correctly when “Hardware Battery Percentage” was enabled

AlDente 1.17.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where AlDente would crash when started without being connected to the internet
  • Fixed a bug where there would be no text next to the AlDente icon in Activity Monitor
  • Visual Improvements for the Setapp version of AlDente
  • Small translation improvements

AlDente 1.17 Release Notes

  • Start of Beta Phase for AlDente Pro features for Intel MacBooks without Thunderbolt 3. You can read more about this feature on our blog:
  • Fixed a bug where the “Stop Charging when Powered Off” feature would not work in some scenarios on Intel MacBooks
  • Fixed an issue where the application would not work properly for users that upgraded from Intel to Apple Silicon MacBooks
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements

AlDente 1.16.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a small bug where the “Hardware Battery Percentage” toggle always showed the text “Disabled”, despite being enabled

AlDente 1.16 Release Notes

  • Top Up now does not automatically change the charging percentage back when 100% is reached to allow trickle charging The original percentage is still set back when the power cord is unplugged or another mode is applied
  • Added the capability to use the Hardware Battery Percentage instead of the macOS value. The Hardware Battery Percentage is much more accurate, you can read more about this feature on our blog:
  • Added Turkish language support
  • Several other small changes and fixes

AlDente 1.15.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused “Stop Charging when Sleeping” not to work on some machines

AlDente 1.15.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a problem with the license verification for offline users in version 1.15

AlDente 1.15 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused calibration mode to abort prematurely in some cases
  • Fixed a bug that caused unwanted behavior when using multiple user accounts
  • Calibration mode now updates the time left when waiting
  • Calibration mode can now also persist during periods where the system is unplugged and asleep mid calibration
  • Reduced AlDente’s involvement in the system sleep behavior
  • Reliability improvements of the Launch At Login functionality
  • Reliability improvements of the license verification process for Pro users

AlDente 1.14 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented macOS to enter sleep mode in certain scenarios. Thank you very much for all your help and patience!
  • Many smaller fixes and improvements

AlDente 1.13 Release Notes

  • Completely revamped the underlying state management system for better stability and more flexibility
  • Updated calibration mode to feature an additional full charge cycle at the beginning. Based on research results, this should yield better calibration outcomes
  • Calibration mode can now be resumed if previously interrupted by unplugging the power cable
  • If Sailing Mode is enabled, it can now survive a restart of AlDente
  • When the charge limit is set to 100%, AlDente now stays in the charging state to ensure trickle-charging the battery to it’s full capacity
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

AlDente 1.12 Release Notes

  • Slight improvements in the installation process
  • Fixed a bug where there was a blank icon instead of the AlDente icon in the update process
  • Fixed a bug where some settings are not saved in the Setapp version
  • Fixed a bug where the app would crash when the slider is moved in the free version
  • Small fixes for individual translations

AlDente 1.11 Release Notes

  • Revamped the look and feel of the appearance settings
  • Added an option that allows you to enable a dock icon for AlDente
  • Added an option that allows you to disable the menu bar icon
  • Added an option to toggle if the popup should be animated
  • Added an option if AlDente should open automatically when started
  • Added new help icons for most of the charging settings
  • Added Korean, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Dutch, and Polish language support. Again, thank you very much to all the community members who contributed to making this happen! 🙂

AlDente 1.10 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause charging above the set limit when heat protection mode was enabled
  • Improved the set-up experience
  • Added Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian language support. Thank you very much to all the community members who contributed to making this happen! 🙂
  • AlDente now shows the UI immediately upon start
  • Fixed a bug that caused strange behavior when using AlDente on multiple user accounts. When logged off, AlDente now behaves the same as if it would be closed
  • Completely revamped the sleep system. This fixes a lot of bugs related to Discharge, Calibration Mode, and Clamshell Mode. There is now also a toggle that lets you disable sleep completely as long as the charge limit is not yet reached. This means you can set the limit, and close your laptop and it will only start to go to sleep when the desired limit is reached. You can read more about this feature here:

AlDente 1.09 Release Notes

  • The warning message for Intel-Mode-only machines is only displayed the first time, or after a settings reset has been performed
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after launch at login for some users
  • Fixed an issue that caused some weird behavior on text fields
  • Sailing mode is now unlocked to sail as low as 20%
  • Debug file improvements
  • Fixed an issue that caused Top-Up mode not to return to the previous set percentage after finished

AlDente 1.08 Release Notes

  • Updated Libraries to comply with macOS 12
  • Fixed an issue that caused text fields not to work on macOS 12
  • Improved license verification for pro users
  • Improved clamshell discharge for pro users
  • Sailing Mode now persists after unplugging the power cable
  • Fixed a bug that occurred after helper removal
  • Added German Language support
  • Many more improvements & fixes

AlDente 1.07 Release Notes

  • Discharge in Clamshell Mode is now possible for Pro users!
  • Fixed a bug regarding resetting the SMC values when uninstalling the helper.
  • We fixed a bug that caused textboxes to not show numbers.
  • Top Up and Calibration Mode now persists when your MacBook goes to sleep.
  • Many other small fixes and changes.

AlDente 1.04 Release Notes

  • Complete code rework and architecture changes. AlDente is now more stable than ever.
  • Resolved many bugs in the classic version.
  • New bundle ID and helper application.
  • New grey pasta Icon.
  • New UI design.
  • The “Auto Discharge” – feature is replaced by a “Discharge” – button next to the slider.
  • The app is now packaged using a dmg archive instead of a zip.
  • Pro Features can be unlocked with a valid license code.

AlDente 1.0 Release Notes

First official AlDente-Pro release!

Thank you to all the beta testers who helped us find the last tomato chunks in our pasta.

  • Updated UI with some improved descriptions
  • You can now start AlDente Pro without being connected to the internet
  • Added a “Reset Settings” button
  • Fixed temperature reading for heat protection mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash after license activation
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when the system is in sleep mode
  • Various other small fixes and tweaks