Feature Explanation: Intel Mode

General explanation

Intel Mode uses a different technical solution to manipulate the charging behavior of MacBooks. This method only works with Intel MacBooks. On the other hand, this method works “permanently”, which means even if you boot into Windows via Bootcamp. However, there are several disadvantages with the Intel Mode. First, all other functions except the Charge Limiter don’t work anymore. Second, the charge limiter is much less accurate and it can deviate the real limit by up to 5% from the set limit.


Someone uses his MacBook a lot via Bootcamp in Windows and wants to set a charge limit also in Windows. To do this, you first have to boot into MacOS and set the desired charge limit of, for example, 70%. Then you can boot into Windows and the charging will stop in the range between 65%-75%.

FAQ: Does Intel mode need to be enabled on every Intel MacBook for AlDente to work?

NO, Intel Mode only needs to be enabled for the special case of using AlDente in Windows.